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Nail Art

Creative color styles. Always in trend. Best quality.

Acrylic Nail Art, Creative Nail Art, Nail Gel Extension

The Glam Soul

Makeup Fashion

Treat Your Makeup Like Jewellery for the face. Play with colours, Shapes, Structure-It can transform you.

Makeup Art, Bridal Makeup, Party Makeup

The Glam Soul

Creative Nail Art

Creative color styles. Always in trend. Best quality.

Acrylic Nail Art, Creative Nail Art, Nail Gel Extension

The Glam Soul

All Type Makeup

Makeup Art, Bridal Makeup, Party Makeup

Creative Makeup styles. Always in trend. Best quality.

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Outstation Bridal, Engagement Makeup & Freelance Makeup Artist in Lucknow and Sitapur by Deepshikha Yadav

Deepshikha @Theglamsoulstudio With more than 5 years of experience and a keen eye for the latest trends, Deepshikha combines classic techniques with cutting-edge innovations to deliver makeup artistry that’s always ahead of the curve.

Deepshikha decked up a lot of models for ad campaigns. She has more than 20K followers on Instagram, and her portfolio shows the work she has done in bridal makeup, party makeup, fashion makeup, and special effects makeup. Deepshikha @Theglamsoulstudio also does venue makeup, outstation makeup and freelance makeup. We also offer makeup artist learning at The glamsoulstudio. 


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The Glam Soul

Only Best Part is

At THE GLAM SOUL STUDIO & ACADEMY our aim is to make each and every visit a pleasurable experience. We strive only for the best and we aim never to fall below that standard. From the outset, we made a point of ensuring we deliver hygiene, safety and service standards of the highest levels as a matter of course. In addition to our commitment to client service and safety, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our artist.

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Modern style
and high quality work

Nail & Makeup were always part of the fashion even in ancient times, women used to color their nails with herbs, and natural colors. This trend is now converted into a fashion statement and celebrities and popular names among the fashion industry are considered the fashion icon for their nail designs. There is a popular saying “nails can speak louder than words”. 

With a steady hand and an eye so keen, Deepshikha  transforms faces like no one’s seen. From subtle touches to bold allure, our artistry is pure and ever-pure. 

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Our Promotional Video


What our clients say

Deepshikha Mam was really nice. The environment is filled with happy staff that makes you feel really nice. No hard sell of package and any add on at all! Really.

Anisha Anwar
Top Coach

Deepshikha Mam is one who did my haircut and Makeup, she is very cooperative and a generous she gave me a new look as I expected. She is really benevolent.

Shweta Singh
Top Coach

" My experience of learning at The Glam Soul Studio & Nail Art Academy by Deepshikha ma'am was very good....i have completed my full certified nail art course here...their teaching.

Aarya Tiwari
Model & Freelance Beauty Salon

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The Glam Soul is a Best Studio where you get the latest celebrity makeup looks and latest designs of Nail art & Hair styles.


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