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Nail Extensions

At THE GLAM SOUL – Makeover Studio , our awarded Makeup Artists  are thoroughly trained, extremely professional & courteous, and always prompt to listen to and deliver to your requests. As part of our comprehensive range of makeup services, we are pleased to offer residents of the Lucknow the best quality Nail Extensions and Makeup services . Nail extensions extends your natural nails through the application of gel or acrylic. The result will be nails that will look refined, elegant and completely natural. We at THE GLAM SOUL – Makeover suggest that you schedule appointments on regular basis to maintain your nail extensions. When nail extensions lift, crack, or grow out without maintenance ,water & dirt can get trapped under the nails, and fungus can grow. Therefore, it is important that you refill your nail extensions at our THE GLAM SOUL STUDIO every two to three weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. For more comprehensive treatment of your hands, we invite you to schedule a manicure to complement your beautiful new nails.

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.

Audrey Hepburn

Gel Polish

There’s no better way to mix up your beauty routine than by making over your nails! And The Glam Soul has got you covered there. Providing professional gel nail polish service, you can look forward to professional-quality tips all with just booking your appointment with us.

Nail Art Removal

Get gentle, speedy removal with The Glam Soul Polish Removal service. An ideal solution for removing nail polish from artificial and natural nails without causing discomfort or damage. Book your appointment today!

Nail Art

At The Glam Soul Studio you get a full treatment. Professional nail art with the newest all organic material practices will make your nails the main talk at any party. Grab the attention at a special price.

This stunning Nail Art Sample Design is created with the use of high quality nail colors and products. The beautiful designs and elegant colors in this Nail Art Sample Design enhance the beauty of the nails.

We are one of the most reliable firms engaged in providing services of Nail Art and Makeup Studio In the world of fashion, today, nail art is the most happening thing, where it allows the person to express ones creativity and personality and the individual style to the world. Our nail artist provides these services to the clients as per the latest market trend. The endless paint effects as well as many decorative gems, foils and tapes are used to assist creativity. These services are offered to the client’s at most reasonable price to suit their requirements.

Interesting Facts About Nails

Nails Were always part of the fashion even in ancient times, women used to color their nails with herbs, and natural colors. This trend is now converted into a fashion statement and celebrities and popular names among the fashion industry are considered the fashion icon for their nail designs. There is a popular saying “nails can speak louder than words”. Well yes because you show your nails before you speak. Nail Art is now a popular trend in India and many nail salons are providing their services across the country. Gorgeous designs add flair to your look and it clearly complements your attire for any party, function or special occasion. Even your usual attire can look sassy with beautiful nail art. Best nail designs which are latest in trend and are Ombre Designs, Jewel Nail Art, Glitter Nail Designs, Neon Nails, Nude Nails, Tropical Designs, Butterfly nail art, gel nail art, and matt finish. We provide all the hottest nail art designs at The Glam Soul Studio.


PROFESSIONAL IN NAIL ART AND MAKEUP You will be equipped with the latest nail trends and designs. You will also be given complete training and conceptual understanding of all the techniques and processes in nail art.